Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Stanger Two Stroke V-Twin

Following the Zenith Bi-Car here's the second stand-out bike to emerge in Australia. It's a Stanger two stroke v-twin in very original condition (I can't quite work out if it is unrestored or has been restored a very long time ago) and one of two survivors. The other Stanger is in the Sammy Miller Museum. Once again all credit for the images to the author of the post on the Motorcycles 1867-1930 Facebook page.

Here it is in person. Last seen in the light of day in the 70s.

And here is the Stanger in the Sammy Miller Museum.

I have a copy of the Stanger brochure
in my collection and it is reproduced
on the blog here:

The barrels come from Villiers.



Sold for AUD 30900, that's GBP 17,450, USD 23.250 or EUR 19,150. It's a considerable sum of money for a bike but none-the-less a bit of a bargain I think.

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