Monday, July 27, 2020

1906 Zenith Bi-Car

For the most part I try and keep the content of this blog original but every so often something comes along that is so special it just has to be shared. Here is one such thing...

This is a 1906 Zenith Bi-Car in remarkable untouched original condition that has just been wheeled out of an Australian garage along with several other stand-out machines. As is often the way it will be coming up for auction soon - at Shannons in Melbourne this November. This Zenith is a sole survivor and was last on the road in 1974. All credits to the author of the post on the Motorcycles 1867-1930 Facebook page - one of the few reasons I can find for not deleting my Facebook account.


The Zenith sold for AUD 100,500, that's currently GBP 57,250, USD 75,650 or EUR 62,250.