Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Moto Legendes Dijon 2016 pt2

More pics from Moto Legendes....

1926 Terrot Ladies Model.

Front end of a Derny Tandem cycle pacer.

Detail from a veteran FN four. Check the kick
start arrangement direct on to the crank.

Unusual unknown bicycle with leaf spring seat pillar arrangement.

Not too sure of the marque but the engine is
a French AMC dohc unit.

Drive side of the AMC motor.

hmmm... not the prettiest engine but purposeful.
In the UK DMW also tried out these motors.

Sweetly done Terrot cafe racer.

Vintage combo looks out to the club line up.

Super rare and desirable Italjet Griffon with Triumph motor.

1954 Vespa with Bufflier sidecar.

Magnat Debon racer. Over in France you still
see a lot of proper vintage race bikes like were
a staple of the scene in the UK in the earlier days
of the vintage movement. In the UK they've now
been pensioned from racing and restored back to
catalogue. Over in France they are still gloriously
used and abused. This machine carried a Norton
Commando front brake.

Folks marvel at a motorised tandem...

Gitane Testi in blue metal flake.

Sparkly Gitane.

Sweet Gus Kuhn Commando.

Close up on the Gus Kuhn Commando.

Great line up from the Indian Club of France.

They even brought along a couple of teepees.
To the fore is a Prince.
Stunning welding on the Barigo supermono
race bike.

Another view of the Barrigo frame. Quite in
awe of this craftsmanship.

Ohc Koehler Escoffier v twin race machine. Awesome.

Drive side view of the Koehler Escoffier.

Another AMC dohc engined machine.

An earlier Koehler Escoffier v twin. This one ohv
rather than ohc. Unusual tappet adjustment on
eccentric bearings.

Close up of the Koehler Escoffier's top end.

And drive side of the Koehler Escoffier. Also unusual is the
magneto mounted between the cylinders. Widely splayed
apart cylinders belie deeply spiggoted barrels and a long

Ohc Alcyon looking remarkably like a Velocette

Cracking Terrot veteran race machine.

Moto Legendes is a great place to see some
really early machinery. This is a 1902 330cc
water cooled Manon.

Another view of the 1902 Manon.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Moto Legendes Dijon 2016 pt1

The first of several postings of snaps from a jaunt down to Moto Legendes in Dijon. Always a great event and so many exotic and unusual machines to ogle.

Beautiful MGC motorcycle in the autojumble
area. Unusual cast petrol tank that forms part
of a bolt up frame of castings.

Plenty of projects and vintage spares in the autojumble.

Detail from a Maserati 160cc offered for 10,000 euro.

Now that is what you call patina. Motoconfort
in the jumble area.

Motoconfort again.

And another view of the Motoconfort.

Unrestored bikes very much in evidence. Loved this Guzzi.

Plenty of mopeds around...

Pair of nicely trials modded Motobecanes.

New Precision replica sidecar hitched up to a Hinckley Bonneville.

New Maps were popular this year. Quite a few of them around.

Lots of high quality details on the New Map.

Here there were two New Maps together. One nicely restored...

and the other nicely unrestored.

Captures the atmosphere well. Bikes and tents
all around the circuit and unexpected exotica
to be found modestly hiding away.

Monet Goyon to the fore and another New Map

In line fours of different eras. Henderson and Nimbus.

Love these thirties Gnome et Rhone bikes with their pressed
steel frames.

There was an impressive line up of Japauto
modified Honda fours.

Was really taken with this Japauto. Subtley but heavily modded.

Same Japauto from a greater distance.

1936 Terrot 500cc competition machine.

The French like their combos. This Yamaha
XJ900 makes a sweet outfit.

Rare Peugeot two stroke twin.

Motobecane two stroke triple. A very strong nod towards
Kawasaki is going on with it.

The baby brother Motobecane. This one a 125cc twin.

The Moto Club du Lion laid on a display with
a barn find theme.