Thursday, March 28, 2013

Royal Enfield WDCO in civy mode

Looks like Sir has just bought an ex WD Royal Enfield WD/CO. Dapper outfit for riding, funky goggles and nicely kitted out machine, maybe one of the Pride and Clarke red painted machines sold off cheap.
Royal Enfield WDCO.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Humber Motor Cycles brochure 1927

The brochure for the very fine Humber motor cycles of 1927 vintage. Nice brochure, lots of detail.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure front cover.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 1.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 2.
Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 3.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 4.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 5.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 6.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 7.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 8.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 9.
Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 10.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 11.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 12.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 13.
Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 14.
Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 15.
Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 16.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 17.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 18.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 19.
Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure page 20.

Humber Motor Cycles 1927 brochure rear cover.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pioneer Run 2013 cancelled

Was just working on some final fettling on the Wall Autowheel for tomorrow's Pioneer Run when I got the word that it has been cancelled due to adverse weather.

Not a big hassle for me but I feel very sorry for the folks who have come from overseas and will have arrived in the country several days ago, perhaps having paid for their bikes to be transported over too.

Heavy snow on the Downs could of course be disasterous for Veteran machines but it seems rather a pity that events organisers nowadays feel the need to cancel in fear of the negative publicity that accidents might generate when really it is all a matter of individual responsibility of each entrant....

From the horses mouth on the Sunbeam MCC website.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mallory Park under threat

Perhaps inevitable. Mallory Park, a fine and historic small circuit in Leicestershire is under threat of closure and redevelopment. Not a surprise given the nearby housing development that has happened in the last few years and the consequential complaints from folks who have bought a house near a motor racing circuit and then complain about the noise...

There's an e-petition to sign. Do you bit to save the circuit and put your name to the petition!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BSA Bantam Trail Bronc

Cruising through ebay I came across this Bantam for sale, apparently a 1965 D7 Trail Bronc. I thought I knew my Bantams having cut my motorcycling teeth on a D1 and prepped and piloted a D1 'race' machine around a couple of Moto Giro D'Italias. I thought that there was no such beast as a 'Trail Bronc'.

1965 BSA Bantam Trail Bronc on ebay.

I have to concede to being wrong though and it was an American market model built from 1964. It was based on the D7 model and D7s finished in 1967 but some sources seem to say that the Trail Bronc continued until 1969.

At time of writing the ebay Trail Bronc is at £510 with two and a half days to go. Currently seems like a bargain. It'll be one of the rarest Bantams around and for a lot less money than a Bushman. Granted it may not be as good a bike being a 3 speed D7 motor and devoid of lights and front mudguard but who really cares?

This ebay one seems pretty good. The saddle is missing as are the folding footrests and upswept exhaust. Presumably though these components came from the BSA parts bin rather than being specifically for this model. Being so simple it should be a nice easy restoration project.

Information cribbed from:
BSA Bantam Blog Trail Bronco post
& The Early Years of Motorcross Trail Bronc page.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting the Wall Autowheel ready for the Pioneer Run

Work is underway on resurrecting the mighty Wall Autowheel for the Pioneer Run coming up at the end of the month.

Unused since it's last Pioneer Run outing two years ago when the engine cried enough and made a bid for freedom from cycle and rider in the middle of Brighton the Autowheel is now prepped to show its mettle once more. A repaired and strengthened mounting bracket has been fitted along with a cycle carrier. According to an experienced Autowheelist a carrier is a necessity in event of breakdown as the wheel and engine can be tied up off the ground by the carrier and the cycle used as an unencumbered pushbike.

On the last Pioneer Run I ran the 'wheel on straight 50 oil. This proved to be a mistake as, in the cold, the oil was too thick to get past the regulator. So much so that on the entire run no oil at all was used. This could have been disasterous but for the fact that I always run it on two stroke pre-mix as back up. Oil has been drained and 40 grade substituted.

This year there are nine Autowheel mounted entrants. A thunderous gang of Autowheel mounted renegades would be an awe-inspiring sight! Here's hoping that mine will make it a fourth successful run and other fellows of the 'wheel will have an equally fine run.

The Wall Autowheel. Cigar is optional, the
debonair countenance comes with the machine
as does the admiration of bearded bystanders.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

VMCC Shepton Mallet autojumble

The bi-annual VMCC Somerset section autojumble held in February and October is one of the finest bike jumbles around. A nice mix of professional and amateur stalls and always something interesting to be found. Up until a couple of years back an auction was held in conjunction. It slowly declined in quality and fizzled out but since losing the auction the autojumble has grown and gone from strength to strength.

Here's a selection of snaps of machinery that caught my eye...

Not often you see an Ariel HS scrambler in road trim. This one
was particularly nicely done and was on offer inside....

... and this road trim Ariel HS was on offer outside. Also
rather nice.

Greeves modified to grass track trim. In nicely aged condition.
A veteran of the Red Marley hillclimb and a fair buy at
£1200 ono.

Autojumble humour.

This homemade two stroke flat four sold quickly on sprint
legend Henry Body's stall. Apparently it was built by a
vicar to power his scooter! Sounds like a wind up but this
was the story given. Four unknown moped engines coupled
together. Intruiging home engineering but possibly not hugely
successful! Probably sounded good though.

Itom Super Sport.

Asking £1900 for this James Commando.