Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Zenith 680

The Zenith 680 was amongst the most stylish machines of the vintage era and one of the few British v-twins to be designed with solo riding in mind as opposed to lugging a sidecar.

A pity the full machine isn't in this photo but the focus and detail is excellent.

Friday, June 16, 2023

More Tokyo street spots

Some more Tokyo street spots snapped on an amble up and down the 311 between Haneda and Kamata. The Beemers and BSA were outside a Beemer dealership and a very friendly chap came out for a chat when he saw that I was paying an interest. I found it strange but admirable that a load of dusty (though good condition) classic rides were fronting a showroom full of very shiny modern BMWs. The Yamaha was outside a Kawasaki dealership and looked like it was perhaps the daily rider of someone who works there.

Unusual to see three 100RS together.

A distance shot on the Beemers.

BSA A65 Lightning. Looks like a 1970 model.

The Yamaha SRV250 was made
from '92 to '96 and is a really
sweet looking bike that never
made it to the UK.