Thursday, August 29, 2019

Great Dorset Steam Fair 2019 pt1

Pictures from a couple of days tramping around the wonderland that is the Great Dorset Steam Fair. For five days each year this is the world's greatest working museum of industrial heritage and rural crafts. The scale of it is vast and the variety on show mind boggling. From demonstrations of traditional hazel fence making, wood turning and smithing to a re-creation of World War One trenches and steam powered heavy haulage in action there is a lot going on. There are downsides: the site is huge to walk around and set out to give priority to the market stall, fairground, catering and entertainment money makers but get immersed, get your walking boots on and a fascinating time can be had.

Ex-WD steam engine being taken for a spin.

Post War Douglas are quite striking machines but have always
been rather niche. This is a MKIII model.

Tres shiny New Hudson flat tank two stroke.

Little and large. Norvin and NVT Easy Rider.
Rudge Ulster that seems to have had a grass tracking past.

A real rarity. BSA car, made between 1921 and
1924 and fitted with a 10hp v-twin motor.

Radiator detail on the BSA car

I liked this. Grand styling for a utilitarian device.

First World War steam lorry.

And First World War steam engine.

Having fun in the playground.

Lovely Paris Tour de France in the bicycle tent.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Triumph SD

What a wonderful photo this is. From the vendor I understand that it was taken in colonial China, the date on the reverse is 1925.

Back in the day being an official in the Empire meant a healthy pay packet if you originated from the mother country. This chap's Triumph bears that out, the SD was Triumph's luxury side valve model and this particular one is looking to be quite shiny and new. It is also generously accessorised with a Cowey klaxon on the top tube, an acetylene lighting set (front light only so it appears) as well as having an electric spotlight.

c1925 Triumph Model SD in
colonial China.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

International West Kent Run 2019 pt2

Seems like ages ago now but the IWKR was only three weeks back. Here are some more images from a very excellent long weekend...

BSA ZB32 Gold Star, one of several at the event.

Lovely Nimbus Sports over from Holland. The bike deservedly
picked up a prize in the show concours.

Nice line up of machines from French club
Lisieux APAPA in the campsite.

Magnat Debon with the French line up. Also a
concours winner and a very game entrant in the
bike gymkhana.

Late thirties Rudge Ulster. A very sophisticated machine.

The Eastern Bloc!

Pat Gill with his incredible 1st World War 1914 Matchless
machine gun combination has a crack at the Gymkhana.

Worth another photo.

Rare and luxurious Raleigh flat twin.

The Raleigh boasts rear swinging arm suspension controlled
by leaf springs.

Norman motorcycles were the local brand being
produced just down the road in Ashford. They
were well represented at the show.

Sweet collection of unusual Teutonic lightweights.

Shiny blue Harley.

More of the shiny blue Harley.

And a not shiny AJS. Quite fantastically not
shiny and fully roadworthy. Excellent.

Eek! Pink Gilera CX 125.

The CX is a very striking machine boasting
some unusual design features. Here the single
sided front fork.

1910 Douglas Model D. A veteran of 17 Pioneer Runs with
the current owner on board.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Powers the Pot Royal Enfield gathering pt2

More pictures from Powers the Pot. Each picture caption tells the story. Big thanks to John Nicholls for organising the rally and being such an excellent host. The event really is a gem, a proper old school, friendly bike rally in a fantastic location. Hopefully it won't be another six years until I make the next one. And hopefully I'll sort out my Enfield to ride there...

Jacqui Furneaux's world travelling Enfield. Been a while since
we last saw each other and great to catch up. Check her website
and buy the book if you haven't already done so. 

Ready-ish for the the off on the Saturday run.

Dan took a ride in Matt's outfit for the run so we get 'sidecar cam'.

Not often you see pictures of yourself riding. The BMW
R100RS is very much the wrong bike for damp Irish country
roads. In fact they are perfect for an old Royal Enfield...

Sidecar cam in action again.

Quick stop up in the Comeragh mountains.

I think that's the Mahon Falls in the background.

Yours truly lining up the Beemer for a ride by.

Brian on his Continental GT.

Jason's freshly restored '54 Bullet gets his
bike blessed by Al Sunday morning.

The event started off as an MZ rally then shifted to Enfields.
All are still welcome.

But if you have an MT350 you apparently
have to camp well away from everyone else.

Sad news for Dan when he found on Saturday
eve that his Bullet had stripped the oil pump
worm drive. Game over.

Bit of a mystery. The bike has stripped more
than one pump worm, but on two different

Dan resigned to a ride home with the
recovery truck. 

We were recommended a scenic route back to
Rosslare that took the Passage East Ferry.
It was a cracker and we even managed to stay
dry all the way to Rosslare.

Loneliness of the long distance rider. 1am
Swansea M4 services.

A great weekend. All in about 800 miles
covered. Yes, it rained, a lot, but that
just added to the adventure.