Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Bournemouth pt 2

The second bunch of pics from Sunday's DGR outing....

New Rolling 40 year MOT exemption

It's just been announced that here in the UK the current MOT exemption that applies to pre-1960 vehicles is going to be extended in scope to embrace 40 plus year old vehicles on a rolling basis.

That means that from May next year pre-1978 vehicles will no longer have to take an annual road-worthiness test. The rolling exemption is going to apply to 'lighter vehicles' ie cars and motorcycles and will not include those that have been 'substantially modified'.

For some reason this seems to be a controversial move even among the old vehicle movement. The fact is though that there are not that many old vehicles in regular use, those that are are cherished and the at cause accident rate for vintage vehicles is very low compared to modern vehicles. An exemption from MOT isn't an exemption from road worthiness, all the same rules apply. Have an accident in a poorly maintained vintage jalopy and you are more than likely going to have the book thrown at you and no recompense to insurance as you were driving an illegal vehicle....

So, come on, be happy that for once there is a rule been passed that actually facilitates us getting out and enjoying our old vehicles. If you are a naysayer, then you are still very welcome to go to your local MOT station and get your vehicle checked though all the same.

MOT fail now, still won't be roadworthy May next year...

Monday, September 25, 2017

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Bournemouth

Another Bournemouth Distinguished Gentleman's Ride has been and gone and a great day out it was too. Bournemouth is now the second biggest ride in the country after London with more than 450 registered riders. A fantastic and eclectic mix of machines and people and all in a good cause. The ride is urban and can be a bit of a drag on an older machine but getting out there and being seen is what it is all about, smile and wave, smile and wave. Fantastic to see so many families outside their houses watching it all go by and enjoying the whole scene, spreading a little joy, can't ask for more than that. If you haven't ridden the DGR get out and do it next year, loads of money raised for prostate cancer charities, a massive boon for awareness and a day out with like minded folks on interesting bikes. You just can't lose.

Might be that Bournemouth is such a popular ride because we are one of the sunniest places in the UK. I've seen some pictures from the Glasgow ride, not saying that those guys didn't have a great day but riding in sun beats a soaking any day. Here's some pictures from the day. No captions, they speak for themselves.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Rudge in motion

Yep, on the face of it a pretty terrible photo but there's something unusual about the angle and motion that make it work. Not hard to see that the bike is a Rudge but that is all I can tell you.

Rude in motion

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Berini Super Sport 3 or sale

Classic Moped Spares posted a comment on the Berini Super Sport ad that I posted last year. They've got a very tidy one in stock and the price seems to me to be very fair. What a weird and wonderful machine, can't imagine you would see another one on the road in the UK!

I would be tempted myself but for a combination of too little free cash and a full garage....

Here's the direct link. http://www.classicmopedspares.com/bikes-for-sale/bikes-for-sale/super-rare-1964-berini-super-sport-3-with-v5c-documents-please-see-description.html