Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Dot Vivi 1957

Several of the small British manufacturers tried to cash in on the 1950's scooter and moped boom by importing European models and rebranding them under their own flag. Dot was one of these with their Dot Vivi range.

Vivi mopeds were made in Italy by Officine Viberti (a manufacturer of coach bodies and trailers) in collaboration with the German company Victoria (Victoria engines were used). Viberti Victoria - Vivi.

The Vivi machines were quite competent lightweights having conventional Italian cycle parts and a tried and tested German motor. Dot imported them from 1957 to 1962.

The Dot Vivi showed good sporting potential and 50cc racing was taking off in the late fifties so Dot intitiated their own small scale racing programme - there's a nice article about it on the Classic 50 Racing Club website.

Striking cover design from Dot for
for their Dot-Vivi range.
Here's the base model Dot-Vivi Moped.

The Dot-Vivi Racer is really a racer
in name only. Nice sporty looks but
same front end and motor as the Moped.

And finally the Dot-Vivi Scooterette.
This model is the same as the Moped
with the addition of legshields and an
extra valance on the rear mudguard.

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