Saturday, July 6, 2019

Racing at Langa Langa October 8th 1951

Another batch of images from the 'Happy Valley Album' of racing at the Langa Langa circuit in Nakuru, Kenya. The images were all labelled in their album and I have reproduced these comments next to each picture.

V Preston (2) BSA + N Ziskau (17) Norton neck and neck
after 7 laps.

J S Mograth on a 498cc Matchless.

P J Dale taking Tonys Curve "at a very high speed".

P J Dale (Norton Inter) during practice.

Start of the 500cc Motor Cycle Race.

Mechanics tuning up the big bikes. No. 42 is a 348cc
AJS Model 7R.

Charlie Parker, a REME L/CPL win his race on a CZ 124cc
and breaks the lap record for his class. 62.11 mph

The AJS 7R wins his race and also breaks the lap record.

P J Dale.


  1. Great documents, thank you for the sharing .

    1. Merci Laurent. I always think what's the point in having these images and things if you can't share them with other enthusiasts.