Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Langa Langa races October 8 1951

Some more pictures from the 'Happy Valley' album. Langa Langa racetrack was at Gilgil near Nakuru in the Rift Valley in Kenya and was originally a WWII lorry driver training ground. The first race at Langa Langa was held in March 1951 and it was closed in 1953 following a fatal accident and the Mau Mau uprising.

A new track opened in 1956 and was called the Nakuru Park Motor Racing Circuit though was still referred to as the Langa Langa circuit (langalanga is Maasai for round and round). Racing continued until 1988 when it was sold to property developers.

All of the captions for the images I have copied from the album.

C Hollyoak takes the bend at Picadilly Circus on a 650cc

An array of well motor cycles in the pits.

H Z Ulyate winning his race for the 2nd meeting in
succession mounted on 998cc Vincent HRD.

On a 498cc Norton Manx N Ziska rides well to finish first
& break the lap record. 

C Davis riding his Triumph GP 498cc over 351cc race
for m/cs.

N Ziska at practice.

P J Dale on 498cc Norton Inter came second to N Ziska.

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  1. Good to see correct information re: The Langa Langa circuit. So many assume it was the same track as Nakuru Park. Great bike photos too!