Thursday, March 28, 2019

Pioneer Run 2019 pt2

These pictures from the coffee stop at Leonardslee Gardens. Blue skies and an absolutely perfect days riding.

1897 Léon Bollée

1913 Indian 456cc single.

1902 2.75hp Clyde.

Rear brake and stand arrangement on a 1907

Chris Booth's 1914 Morgan.

1913 770cc Royal Enfield v twin to the left and
1899 2.25hp De Deon Bouton trike to the right.

Stunning 1911 2.25hp Wooler.

Another of the De Deon brigade.

1896 Léon Bollée.

1913 3.75hp Scott.

Léon Bollée detail.

And the Léon Bollée power plant.

1904 Phoenix forecar.

1914 Matchless military machine gun sidecar
combination got a lot of interest.

1912 500cc Arno.

1913 500cc Ariel.

Monet et Goyon Automouche was tagging on but
none-the-less a very interesting machine and unusual to
see one out on the public highway.

1913 997cc American Excelsior alongside my steed, the 1914
Sun, and the military Matchless.

Delightful Rudge Multi.

A wonderfully original Baby Triumph.

Rudge Multi and 1913 Wilkinson.

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