Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Happy Valley Ariel

Recently I got hold of the photo album of a moto enthusiast who was stationed in Kenya back in the early post war era. I'll post up snippets from it over the next while. First up this page contains images of the protagonist with his '43 ex-WD Ariel in the Gilgil and Naivasha area.

Gilgil is a town in Kenya halfway between Nakuru and Naivasha and became infamous as one of the hubs of the 'Happy Valley set' of high living colonial aristocrats.

Broken down with a puncture on the 'short' Gilgil -
Naivasha road. Aug 1950.

Me and my 350cc 1943 Ariel.

Bill and I about to leave for a ride. Gilgil Aug '50.


  1. The "Happy Valley Set" is very, err... interesting!

    1. Interesting indeed! If you haven't seen it this article gives a good potted history of many of the characters and is a fun read: