Sunday, July 14, 2019

Surrey Sidecars brochure

A brochure for Surrey Sidecars who were promoting themselves as 'The Lightweight Specialists'. Surely a niche within a niche and unusual as at least half of their products do look like they were catering to the weightier end of the market. The 'Rambler' model was however a true lightweight and was often paired to a Villiers powered lightweight machine.

The bike pictured on the front cover is an Ambassador and I believe Surrey Sidecars had a tie in with Ambassador to market a combo actually sold as such rather than two separate entities. Quite unusual in the post war era. Ambassador and Surrey Sidecars were relatively local to each other in the home counties, outside of the traditional Midlands belt of motorcycle manufacturers. It is well possible that Kaye Don and Edward Ford, respective owners of Ambassador and Surrey Sidecars knew each other and cooperated.

Unfortunately I do not know the year of this brochure though 1951 would be a fair guess. Not much information is out there about Surrey Sidecars but they were a postwar company that was founded in the late forties or early fifties and continued until the late fifties or early sixties.

Surrey Sidecars brochure front cover.

Surrey Sidecars brochure page 1.

Surrey Sidecars brochure page 2.

Surrey Sidecars brochure rear cover.

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  1. Edward Ford, owner of Surrey Sidecars is my Grandfather. He is now 94 years young, and living on Hayling Island.