Monday, May 31, 2021

Vincent Series C Rapide

A thoroughbred and no doubt. Vincent Series C Rapide. I'm going to hazard a guess that the lady alongside was not a passenger from her atire. She might just be a passer by wanting to have her picture taken with motorcycling royalty!

It would have been lovely if the bike was still around, after all Vincents have a rather high survival rate which is growing all the time, but alas LLN 708 doesn't feature with DVLA in Swansea. Perhaps it has had a plate change or been exported.

A significant location motoring-wise and one that looked familiar when I first saw the picture. I only recognised it because I was there recently (riding nothing so glamorous as a Vincent, just my humble Enfield Himalayan). The walls are those of the Montagu Estate, home of Lord Montagu and, of course, the Montagu Motor Museum. The view is on Palace Lane looking towards the weir on the Beaulieu River.

Vincent Series C Rapide
Vincent Series C Rapide by the Beaulieu Estate.

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