Thursday, May 27, 2021

1905 / 1906 Peugeot Model A

More pictures of the recently acquired 1905 or 6 Peugeot Model A. A basic cycle but light and stylish, I like it rather a lot. It is rusty but certainly not beyond repair or in fact in any way unsound, just a few spokes missing. It looks like perhaps the original colour was a dark green, though it is hard to tell. No brakes are fitted but it seems from the original catalogue spec that they never were - quite scary as it is not fixed wheel.

It's always hard to know when to repaint and restore, I tend to shy away from re-finishing. I quite like rusty two wheelers and for me as long as it works properly a characterful patina is most welcome. That and the fact that I am not much good at painting and a full restoration costs a lot more. Hence this Peugeot shall have the loose rust removed, be preserved with a coat of Renaissance Wax and made rideable. I shall try to find a sympathetic cable operated front brake to give me some stopping capability. Hmmmm.... the bicycle projects are stacking up.

Peugeot Model A side view. A beautifully simple
cycle but not basic in construction.

Distinctive Peugeot chainset.

The saddle is an 'Excelsior'. The style looks right
and it is perhaps the original saddle. It will stay.

Frame number looks like 176906. Anyone out there
have any knowledge on Peugeot frame numbers?

The head bearings are a lovely detail. They are very
much are in the style of modern integrated headsets.

Near side view of the Peugeot.

I picked up this lovely bell with the
Peugeot Lion recently. Probably a fair
bit more recent than the cycle is,
never-the-less lovely and compliments

Steerer tube showing the lugless
construction and stylish fork crown.

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