Saturday, May 29, 2021

Villiers 6E engine brochure

 Here's the brochure for Villiers 6E motors. The 6E was introduced 1948 and replaced by the 8E 1953.

In my humble opinion the 6, 7 & 8E series engines were Villiers' finest. First came the 6E and then in '53 the 7E (competition version) and 8E. I've experience of all three and have never worked out any particular difference between them apart from the stampings on the crankcases! They are 197cc long stroke two stroke motors and are, quite honesty, significantly more pleasant than a BSA Bantam. The gearboxes are semi unit and bolt on / bolt off and available in three, four or three with reverse options (these motors were popular for microcars). Very flexible, easy to live with and work on with quite a surprising turn of speed a 6E engined bike makes a great classic for bimbling about on back roads.

Villiers 6E engine brochure front cover.

Villiers 6E engine brochure centre pages.

Villiers 6E engine brochure rear cover.

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