Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Likely lads

Look at these guys dressed up in their finest. Great poses, expressions and thirties fashion. Like so many of these old pics there's a rich story to be told for sure, sadly though it's been lost in the mists of time.

A right pair of characters
pose with 1930s road bike.


  1. The fellow on the right exudes character and not just in his deliberately stiff pose. His shirt, or sweater, is unusual. It may have its buttons down the side. His belt too is odd; no buckle? He's wearing boots, which aren't ideal for pedaling, but his right pants leg is tucked in to keep it away from the chain, so he was the one who rode the bicycle. The gentleman at left is too formally dressed to have been riding, yet both men have their hands on the bike, as though to assert a connection to it. Possibly the younger man has just taken a spin on the bicycle of the older man (his father?).The ride confirms him as the proud heir to the bike or, perhaps, everything, eventually. For now, though, it is all a joke between the two and the photographer. The ground and fence behind the men are well tended, perhaps a corner of the estate house. The bike, too, is handsome, with a light and generator kit (when did these arrive?). These are well-off men.

  2. you have some strange ideas about England David. This is just a couple of working men in their weekend clothes; they are not wearing boots, beliee me, boots of that era were much sturdier,'buttons down the side?' its a pullover the head garment, round his wist its not a bely, but his tie, again, quite normal back then. estate house? if you look at the gravel its piled up behind them, some sort of yard I reckon, the guy on th e left is wearing striped trousers,often a sign of a foreman or
    someone in a clerical role. I have exactly that light set on a early 1930s Raliegh.

    1. I'm glad to learn this. Old photos are fascinating to me and I often try to imagine the circumstances. You've shown a light on this one.

  3. I too love trying to deduce things from old photos, but it's too tempting to over interpretate.
    happy new year. sorry about my bad typing above,