Thursday, December 10, 2020

Mystery veteran combo

Can any of you good people out there identify this combination? I would say the bike dates from just pre-WW1 though it looks like the photo was taken a few years later as the bike is a little bashed about. The pilot and passenger do not look to be so happy with life!


  1. It's on the beach, sitting on boards placed to keep it from sinking and there's a piece of wood under the sidecar wheel to keep it from rolling off. It's a public promenade, and no one would have been allowed to actually ride machines on the beach there. It's possibly not even functional, just rolled out to be a prop for photos. This couple was probably shooed into sitting there by the photographer; it wasn't their idea and they show they're not interested in paying for the photo. We see the tent leg of the photographer's little booth to the right. This couple probably didn't even stop back to see how the photo came out and it ended up with a heap of other rejects.

    1. Eagle-eyed as ever David!
      Yes, I'm sure you are right. It's another old beater used as a seaside prop.
      I like your back story for the snap too. Speculation but you are more than likely right.
      All the best, Richard