Sunday, September 20, 2020

Pouncy Pal 1935

A real rarity, the brochure for the 1935 Pouncy Pal.

Some local interest for me here as Jack Pouncy produced his motorcycles from his workshop at Owermoigne near Dorchester, a few miles from my home. The Pouncy was the only motorcycle to have been produced in the county of Dorset. If there is a survivor out there and the owner wants to part with it, I would love to hear from you!

The Pal model is rather unusual in having a frame with OEC sliding pillar rear suspension. OEC was a fellow south coast producer along the coast in Portsmouth. I have heard that the complete frame was made by OEC for Pouncy.

Along with the brochure are reproduced typed sheets of options and specifications. Interesting to see on the final page of the brochure that there was a Pouncy Motorcycle Club. With a purported full production run of Pouncy motorcycles the membership was limited, though perhaps they also accepted less discerning members? 

There's a small potted history of Pouncy motorcycles in Old Bike Mart online.

See also the 1931 Pouncy brochure here on RDM.

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