Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Bargain Vincent books

 There's a couple of Vincent books being sold at discount prices at the moment. Both are excellent books and stone cold bargains.

First up is Philippe Guyony's 'Vincent Motorcycles. The Untold Story since 1946' published by Veloce. Originally selling at £100 this is now being offered at various stores for around the £30 mark. It's a magnificent 400 page tome, well researched, written and sumptuously illustrated. Given that it is the untold story the main focus is on developments outside of the factory and mainly after the Stevenage doors were closed. Egli Vincents naturally feature heavily, but there is also a lot of good information on the various attempts at marque revival, racing machines and the characters involved with the brand. I could be churlish and say that the untold story is of water scooters, cyclemotors, lawnmowers and imported NSUs but I guess that is another untold story altogether and one that very few want to read about! Really though, a fantastic book: if you like old bike books and have anything more than a passing interest in Vincents then snap this up quick time whilst it is available at a bargain price.

Next and equally interesting is 'Vincent Motorcycles Since 1955. The Continuing Story' by David Wright and published by the Vincent Owners' Club. Though similar in title to Philippe's book the content is quite different and concentrates on ownership and developments of the Vincent since the factory closed. Some really nice tales of Vincent owners and enthusiasts and their high mileage and modified bikes are told. The 336 pages of Vincent goodness are now available on ebay through the Club for a mere £16. I'm not sure of the original retail of David Wright's book but at the price it is being offered at it would be rude not to buy at least one copy, it's a must for Vincent owners, potential owners and dreamers alike. 

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