Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Pouncy Motor Cycle brochure 1931 - Dorset's motorcycle

The Pouncy was one of two motorcycle manufacturers based in Dorset. The Pouncy works were at Owermoigne, between Dorchester and Wareham. I believe this brochure dates from 1931 when there was just one model in the range, the 250cc Villiers powered 'Sports Cob'. Production continued until 1936 with several different models coming and going along the way, all Villiers powered. The last model, the 'Pal', was offered with OEC sliding pillar rear suspension as an option.

There was one other Dorset based Motorcycle manufacturer - AJW. The brand was originally based in Exeter and was purchased by Jack Ball of Bournemouth shortly after the war. AJW only stayed for a short while in Bournemouth before moving to Wimborne (still under the ownership of Jack Ball as far as I know). Production was very limited from these locations, there was a 125cc JAP two stroke engined machine, the Fox Cub, with cantilever rear suspension. The two stroke had a big brother with a 500cc ohv JAP engine that was only made as a prototype. AJW was also a producer of JAP engined speedway machines. The JAP two stroke road bike was short lived and in the late fifties AJW turned over to importing Italian 50cc bikes and rebranding them as their own.

I'm not sure if there are any Pouncy survivors out there but if you have one or a lead on one please get in touch. 

Pouncy Motor Cycle brochure page 1.

Pouncy Motor Cycle brochure page 2.

Pouncy Motor Cycle brochure page 3.

Pouncy Motor Cycle brochure page 4.

Pouncy Motor Cycle brochure page 5.

Pouncy Motor Cycle brochure page 6.


  1. a relative of John Pouncy lives in Blackpool , had the pleasure of making his aquaintance today , he says he believes there to be 3 remaining Pouncy motorbikes , one in a museum , a second with a private collector and one with a cousin of his , his one regret is not having one himself , also he says that the Pouncy was a revelutionary bikd for it's time as the frame was made specially for it and cost a 3rd of the price of a frame in them days and that production stopped due to WW2

    1. Hi there. Many thanks for the info. Good to know that there are a small number of survivors out there. Best wishes, Richard

  2. Hi, Jack Poncy is my great granfather! My dad told me about him so I decided to look him up and here I am

    1. That's some great family history. Glad you found it!
      Best wishes, Richard