Monday, June 18, 2018

Tiger on tour

A blurry photo but at least it is one of Triumph's best looking motorcycle, the rigid framed Tiger 100. The rider looks well prepped for touring with a Midland pannier set but the shirt and jacket seem a bit incongruous with his riding boots.

Rigid framed Triumph Tiger 100.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dupi bicycle suspension stem

The original Flexstem?

Suspension stems had a revival early nineties with the Girvin Flexstem and others and the concept has reared it head again recently but here is possibly the original. The Dupi (PIerre DUmas of St Etienne) stem hails from France and dates from the late forties.

The Dupi is a nicely made piece of kit though a bit heavy despite the dural construction. I haven't yet ridden with it so can't comment on performance though I suspect it is perhaps suspect. The downfall seems to be that there is no damping at all on the rebound and it just returns with a metal on metal clash.

In my mind flex stems are just a gimmick and seem to get marketed on a cyclical basis with just enough time in between for people to forget how useless they really are and for nostalgia to kick in. Overall if you want a bit of cushioning to the wrists there are three decent options - front suspension, soft bar tape / grips or handlebars with a bit of flex engineered in.

The bolt that goes down through the top of the Dupi stem does nothing where it is in the pictures but is the optional lock out bolt - you can unscrew it and fit it through the horizontal hole.

The Dupi is perfect for my Etoile Phantomesque project. I'm still on the hunt for more eccentricly designed thirties and forties components to fit so if you have anything appropriate going spare please get in touch... 

Dupi stem by PIerre DUmas of St Etienne.

The key to riding comfort, possibly...

And here is what it will be fitted to. Etoile Phantomesque.

Another Dupi stem.This image lifted
from the Forum Tonton Velo site.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tropical Douglas

The machine is unmistakably a Douglas, early to mid twenties, but the location a mystery. Definitely not the home counties! Probably somewhere out in the old British Empire, for me there's a sense of South East Asia, perhaps Malaya as it was formerly known?

Flat tank Douglas somewhere warm and exotic.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Constellation amongst ponies

Just an old snap of a Royal Enfield Constellation on tour taken at Princetown, Dartmoor in 1958.

Royal Enfield Constellation and ponies roam free in Dartmoor.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Vintage Cars at the Cock and Bottle

First Monday evening of the month through the summer is a vintage car meet at local pub, The Cock and Bottle. Given fair weather there is a decent turn out of interesting cars and normally a few bikes too. Below a few select snaps from the evening...

Simply gorgeous Invicta S Type with 4.5 litre Meadows engine.

The Invicta again.

Underneath the bonnet of the Invicta.

Scott two speeder.

Late twenties Douglas.

Hillman Aero Minx with a cracking mascot.

Hillman Aero Minx, Riley RME and Alvis Grey Lady.

Morgans old and new(ish).

Austin 7 special.

Dog is bored and sleepy despite illustrious company.

Loved this car. A rare bird indeed - a 1937 Triumph 14/60
Southern Cross Special.

Nudey mascot on a Sunbeam.

And the above-mentioned Sunbeam.

'Smokers Companion' on a Morris Cowley dashboard. 

And a panned out view of the Morris' dash.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

AC Auto Carrier circa 1910

From these humble beginnings came forth the mighty Cobra. AC is the initials for Auto Carriers as that is what the company started with, despite their t head sidevalve motor and wonky epicyclic two speed hub gear the Auto Carrier was surprisingly popular back in the day. They were also manufactured (under license?) as the Warrick Auto Carrier.

This great photo of an Auto Carrier (or possibly Warrick for they are virtually identical) was taken in Northampton and 'Uncle Albert'  is written on the reverse.

More about AC Sociables (the passenger carrying model) and Auto Carriers at the AC Sociable website:

Uncle Albert and friend with his Auto Carrier c1910.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Henstridge Biker's Blast May 2018

Third Wednesday eve each month through the summer there is the chance to have a hare down Henstridge airstrip. There's no timer, but then again there are no rules apart from wear a legal helmet, pay two quid and sign a disclaimer. A good chance to race a mate, give your bike its head or make practice runs with a pukka drag bike / sprinter.

A few classics turn up, I haven't seen anyone else run their oldie down the strip which is a pity given that there's no bar on what bike you ride. I was hoping to give the Gilera a run but it was off colour on the way over so I decided to skip it. There were a few monkey bikes and chinese 125s running so I might have given them decent competition!

Always good to see a Beemer toaster. This
one an R75/5.

BB32 touring Goldie.

In my mind the BB motors are the most handsome
of Gold Stars.

And again with its Triumph TR6 buddy.

Yamaha TDR250 should have given a good run down the
strip if its owner felt so inclined.

Suzuki B-King, one of my favourite recent bikes.

Comic book brutalist looks but heaps of
character, monstrously quick and a hoot
to ride.

And this is what it is all about.

Gadzooks! Anything goes.

Slightly off colour Gilera - blocked jet I believe. Then a split
battery on the way home leaking out acid everywhere.

Laverda triples in lary colours.