Saturday, October 12, 2019

Mid thirties Norton Model 18

A slightly blurry photo of a Norton Model 18 from, at a best guess, 1936 - though it could easily be a year either side.

1936 Norton Model 18.

errata: Thanks to John de Kruif of the excellent Vintage Norton site for pointing out that the cradle frame (the connecting pieces of frame under the engine) on this bike makes it an ES2 rather than the open loop framed Model 18 that I identified it as.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Royal Enfield Ensign legshields

A willfully obscure post this one, but really aren't they all? I'm in the process of a bit of a clearout and the time has come to pass these new old stock Royal Enfield legshields on. They're going to be up on eBay within a couple of days but I thought it was worth sharing the pictures here for posterity as they are rather nice.

First of all they are rather rare items and more so to find them new old stock in their original packaging but also they are quite lovely in themselves. The design goes way beyond the utility function required of a pair of legshields and a lot of flare and thought has gone in to the styling.

Look carefully and there is a lot of careful detailing in the pressings, the central rib of course gives rigidity as well as style but the indented v shapes top and bottom are really just pure styling. The overall shape is wonderfully curvy too.

I just hope they end up with someone who has an Ensign and will fit them.

The complete set. Note the cutaway for exhaust
at the lower of the right hand blade (on the left
in the picture).

Royal Enfield factory packing tape.

The original label. Sorry that it is orientated
incorrectly, the photo wasn't but for some
reason blogspot seems to want to rotate
it when uploaded.

This is the bag that the nuts and bolts came


More curves.

Monday, October 7, 2019


A tricky identify this one. Certainly late twenties and without doubt rather a glamorous machine. The bike is quite distinctive but I've failed to find a good match. The tank to me looks most like Montgomery, or perhaps a Zenith? Can anyone out there elaborate?

Dressed the part for some serious vintage touring. But
what is the bike?