Saturday, April 25, 2020

Watsonian Cycle Sidecars Brochure

A couple of updates in order received:

First thanks to my good mate and sidecar guru Matt Little for pointing out that the date of this brochure is most likely 1945. The clues are in the limited supply stated on page 1, the code at the bottom right of page 1 that includes '45' and the look of the brochure which does have an air of material shortages and austerity about it.

Second, a big thanks to David Blasco of the ever excellent Royal Enfield Motorcycles blog for working his graphical wizardry in stitching the centre page images together in to one. Image added below....

Not too sure of the year of this one but in the text it says that the bicycle sidecars were 'first introduced over 15 years ago' so, combined with this and looking at the bicycles featured, a good guess is late thirties.

Bicycle sidecars were once a relatively popular way of transporting your little one around, much like bicycles trailers these days. Complete survivors do survive in limited numbers and are charmingly evocative of times past. They were made from the twenties through to the fifties. 

The brochure is a fold out one and slightly too big for my scanner, so apologies for the way the images are cropped - I've done my best with what I've got... 

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