Friday, January 1, 2016

Sturminster Newton New Year's Gathering 2016

Happy New Year to all.

Along with a few hundred others I braved wet and windy weather along with a mild hangover to herald the New Year with fellow enthusiasts. Mainly a car turnout but a few two wheelers too. Here is a small smorgasbord of snaps from the morning. Apologies for the scant details on the captions, I appreciate a vintage car but bikes are my area of knowledge.

Delightful aging on a vintage Renault.

Fantastic Stutz straight 8.

The Stutz motor in all its glory.

Wonderful vintage Vauxhall. A 30/98?

Another view of the Vauxhall.

It was a bit of a vintage Vauxhall benefit. At least three turned
up. Here's the dash of another.

Jensen CV8 detail.

I'm no vintage car expert. The radiator badge
says 'HC'.

Whatever it is it is stunning.

Triking grumbles by.

Another one of those Vauxhalls.

Also guilty of not knowing the marque of this
military lorry.

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