Tuesday, January 5, 2016

DKW Hobby scooter

A 75cc DKW Hobby scooter. The Hobby was notable for being the grandaddy of the current wave of twist and go mini-scoots. The might of the Hobby's 3bhp two stroke motor was harnessed by a primary belt drive constant variable transmission. It must have worked well enough as the Hobby was in production from 1954 to 1958 in Germany and then licensed out to the Manurhin concern in France who continued with production up until 1962.

There's a great article with history and road test of the Hobby on the Iceni Cam Mag site. Well worth reading the road test section of the article where the experience of riding the Hobby is compared to, 'like sitting on a washing machine full of brick rubble, and running spin cycle'. The conclusion is that the 'only happy cruising speed seems to be stationary', the main problem being that with just 3hp on tap the automatic transmission keeps the motor on full power which happens to be at full revs.

DKW Hobby scooter.

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