Saturday, February 21, 2015

VMCC Dorset Winter Run

Sunday morning and it wasn't raining or snowing nor too cold for the time of year. Seemed like a good idea to get out on the Norton for a ride, the last chance before heading back to sea for work and five bike-less weeks. The VMCC Dorset Section Winter Run wasn't far to get to for the start so I headed over to Gillingham along with twenty or so other folks.

I've had a thing for these earles forks MZs for a while. I did own
one for some time but it wasn't on the road and needed a fair bit
of sorting out. At the time I needed the money so I passed
it on. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea but I hope to get
 a decent roadworthy one to experience sometime along the way.

Detail on the MZ ES250/1 Trophy.

AJS 650cc twin. I followed this bike on the run
for a good while. Postwar AJS / Matchless
bikes don't have a reputation as roadburners
but this machine kept up a lively pace in
touring comfort.

BMW R80 ST is fairly ideal for winter roads.

Lovely original AJS 16MS at the lunch stop

Detail on the AJS 16MS. Original Lucas battery case.

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