Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dragon Rally here we come!

After spending all that time sorting the Bullet I took it out on a test run and for reasons best known only to higher powers the new head gasket wasn't sealing and though compression was good the oil spill was rivaling the Torrey Canyon. With no spare gasket to hand, a day to go and will to live sapped the only answer was to check the Beemer over.

I was a bit reluctant to take the BMW as it's great for fast swooping A roads but a pig on narrow country lanes and navigating it across a muddy field will be interesting but at least the fairing should keep me a bit warmer. It's all loaded up now and ready for the off tomorrow, a run up to Bristol to rendezvous with Dan and his Bullet then on to Llandrindod Wells for an overnight in a hotel before moving on to the Rally site on Saturday.

1976 BMW R100RS loaded up.

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