Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dragon Rally 2015 pt 3

A few pictures of bikes at the Dragon Rally that caught my attention. Something great about the rally is that every one of the bikes there is used and used properly. Somehow they look sexier with a little road dirt and use. Great to see folks making an effort to turn up on some fairly unlikely machinery.

Austell Pullman from the early 90s fitted with a BMC car
engine. Designed as a sidecar bike and sold as a kit. The
most charitable description of the looks is 'functional'.
Somehow appealing though and very practical.

These two mopeds were bought for the rally and ridden
down the day before. A Honda Camino and a Peugeot Vogue.
Had a chat with one of the guys and he said that both 'peds
were very capable of the trip mechanically but that comfort
was lacking. He was on his 43rd consecutive Dragon!
Bravo gentlemen, bravo.

Peugeot Vogue moped.
Very tidily turned out Triumph TR6.

Rare Villiers-engined Panther.

Plenty of MZs around and about.

Skis! Not quite sure how they work but they
looked very purposeful.

Guess the charging on this Norton 16H isn't very good!

Norton 16H again.
A trio of Honda Cubs.

Indian Scout 101 from 1928. I didn't walk around the whole
site but I'm pretty sure this was the oldest machine there.
Well done that man!

Close up of Indian Scout 101.


  1. I'm one of the Moped Guys so thanks for the pics! It was an epic trip and neither the Mighty Peugeot or the Camino missed a beat. What a great laugh!

    1. I'm the other moped guy. Both "Peds" returned 130+ M.P.G, over an overloaded 200 + mile adventure. Great fun and good to meet and talk to folk on the Dragon. Thanks for the pics.

    2. Hello gents, thanks for the comments. Great effort with the 'peds. Hope to see you next year. You've given me inspiration to make the effort to ride something slightly more challenging than a BMW next time!