Thursday, May 8, 2014

VMCC Relay Rally part II

There's great joy to be had in the biennial Relay Rally riding your machine about on a route you choose at your own time, seeing other chaps about on the road doing the same and stopping for a tea and a natter at checkpoints.

This year I decided to try and bag a grander than usual number of checkpoints, though down my way they are thinly spread and even given the fleet wings of the Dommi 99ss I only managed four. Namely Wessex Veteran & Vintage at Shillingstone Station, Dorset at Pulham, Somerset at Wookey and Stonehenge at Old Sarum Airfield. The company was good at each, the machinery varied and the routes in between pleasurable.

Here are a few more that caught my eye on the day. 

Very smart BMW R25/2 at Shillingstone.
Another BMW, this one a R90s and also at Shillingstone.

BSA A10 at Old Sarum Airfield.

A trio of flat tankers flying the flag for the Wessex Veteran
and Vintage Section.

Royal Enfield 350 from 1926 and late twenties Douglas behind.

Stunning Sunbeam Model 90 from the late twenties.

There were two Series D Vincent Rapides at Wookey, the
unrestored one caught my eye.

Great period stickers show long service.

Unmistakable as a Vincent.
This Model H Triumph combination has been in long term single
family ownership. Nerd that I am I was particularly curious about
the front mudguard stays. Englarge the picture and take a look.
They are designed as mud catchers in addition to the already
voluminous guard and are completely original.

Another lovely feature on the Triumph and
one I haven't seen before is the logo on the

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