Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Anglo Bavarian Brewery

Passing through Shepton Mallet you can't help but notice this impressive building. The sign up top names it as the 'Anglo Trading Estate'. I was passing through on the Norton Dommi riding the VMCC Relay Rally and it looked like a nice backdrop for a few snaps.

Shepton Mallet was once a thriving town and a regional focus of the Industrial Revolution. There were reputed to once be some fifty mills in the town. Shepton is still a regional centre though best known these days for cider brewing.

On investigation the Anglo Trading Estate turns out to be the once home of the Anglo Bavarian Brewery, claimed to be the first lager brewers in the country. The bewery opened in 1864 and handed in the towel in 1921. At one time there were some 250 agents throughout England and the lager was sold across the Empire.

Since closing down the brewery has been a furniture warehouse and is now a business park. The 'Bavarian' part of the title was dropped at the beginning of the Second World War. It is on the English Heritage buildings at risk register.

More information on Wikipedia.

The Anglo Bavarian Brewery building in
Shepton Mallet.

Norton Dominator 99ss outside the Anglo Bavarian Brewery.

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