Friday, May 23, 2014

More Autowheel oddities....

If you look at this blog regularly you will know that I have a love / hate relationship with the Wall Autowheel and a fascination for all its weird and wonderful variants.

I've just come across a nice book in Dutch - 'De Motorfiets in Nederland 1895-1940' (ISBN 9061208661). It's a collection of period photos published to commemorate 35 years of the Veteraan Motoren Club. The book is out of print but if you come across a copy snap it up, the images are great.

These two images are borrowed from the book and show firstly an act of great moto-cruelty: a Briggs and Stratton scooter hitched up with a trailer. How you were ever expected to start the device with no clutch, no gears and no pedals or for that matter stop it I do not know! Secondly a Dayton Motor Wheel from around about 1915. Essentially a Wall Autowheel unit but in the front wheel. Removing the problem of having a hideous greatly weighted appendage hanging off the side of your bicycle but in turn moving the vast weight on to the front wheel...

Briggs and Stratton Scooter with trailer.

Dayton Motor Wheel.

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