Sunday, January 19, 2014

1935 BSA on service

This smartly attired and somewhat stern gent is riding a big sidevalve Beesa. Using the excellent 'Leon's BSA 1930 to 1940' website and trawling through the scanned brochures I think it is it a W6 from 1935. It doesn't look like the bike is a military issue machine but is probably his own mount. I'm not sure how it worked but often officers seemed to have machines outside of the ordinary squaddie machines. Maybe they were given an allowance or maybe they were just more often from a monied class.This bike does have a blackout mask so the picture is wartime, could be that the bike was requisitioned. Whatever the case this BSA is a smart machine with sensible legshields - once a common accessory now junked by catalogue restoration bores!

1935 BSA W6 and military gent.

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