Sunday, January 26, 2014

BSA Bantam clown bike

Up on ebay at the moment this wonderful creation. There's no provenance at all but quite honestly who would modify a bike in this way but a clown! It's just possible that it was put together for a laugh at bike rallies but whatever the case it's a nice curiosity. Buy it and you can be fairly sure that no-one else will have one and few will ever have the experience of riding something like this, though of course few would actually want that experience either....

It would be criminal to put it back to standard Bantam trim. Apparently it originally had a sidecar. Buy it and be the envy of friends. Visit the listing to have a look and chuck in a bid!

BSA Bantam clown bike on ebay.

The wonky wheels are a fine example of wheelbuilding craftsmanship.

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