Monday, January 20, 2014

bye bye tax disc

From 1st October 2014 the tax disc will be no more. Few will lament its loss but there is also little call for mass celebration as of course this does not mean the end of road tax! It will now simply be a paper free system with the policing relying on number plate recognition cameras - assume there will be more of them and more tracking of your comings and goings!

There hasn't yet been any word as to what folks with historic vehicles will have to do. Will we have to declare our intention to use on the road but not pay and sorn if we are not planning to use? Even more ridiculous for pre-1960 vehicles which no longer need an MOT.

Some folks are predicting a huge rise in interest in period reproduction tax discs. I would guess that most folks with old vehicles won't really care for this and will be happy to see their horrible tinny disc holders consigned to the scrap bin. Same as with front number plates, they haven't been a legal requirement for years and few old bike enthusiasts are keen to fit them to their restorations.

What would be nice would be if this was a step towards canning road fund duty and sorn altogether and putting the tax onto fuel so that folks pay for exactly how much they use the roads.....

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