Monday, April 8, 2013

Historic Vehicle tax exemption extended to pre 1974 vehicles

The UK Government announced in this years budget that from 1 April 2014 the Vehicle Excise Duty exemption for classic vehicles will roll forward by one year to cover all vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1974.

This is covered by Budget Document 2.148 VED: here's the official Budget pdf. (If you're desperate to find the clause, press control & s and search classic vehicle).

Will it mark the return of a year on year rolling exemption? Would make sense to fix it at forty years. I think when they first brought out the rolling twenty five year rule they had underestimated just how many old clunkers were on the road and how much money they were missing out on, hence the freeze. Nowadays there's few vehicles more than forty years old used as sole transport.

Now if they could just sort out road tax for everyone altogether and scrap it along with sorn, put the losses on fuel so that we all pay for our actual use of the road system on a mileage and consumption basis and instead of tax discs put up insurance stickers on our windshields / tax disc holders and then fewer insurance dodgers away with it....

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