Thursday, April 4, 2013

Corgi scooter brochure 1950

A charming brochure for the 1950 British made Corgi folding scooter. Unusual to see a multi-lingual brochure, perhaps they were anticipating strong export sales or perhaps, and more probably, they didn't have the budget for completely separate translated brochures.

As a total aside the shop which has stamped the brochure, Dacombe Cycle Agent of Wimborne features in the Wimborne Minster model town to this day!

1950 Corgi brochure front cover.

1950 Corgi brochure page 1.

1950 Corgi brochure page 2.

1950 Corgi brochure outer flap.

1950 Corgi brochure inner flap.

1950 Corgi brochure rear cover.

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