Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bosozoku style

Picked up this wonderful magazine in Nagasaki. It's about Bosozoku (biker gang) style bikes. I can't work out anything about it but just know it is a feast for the eyes. A completely different style aesthetic for European sensibilities. Bikes are largely 80s Japanese, style is half cafe racer, half chopper: ape hangers, wild exhausts, dolphin fairings and way out paint schemes with lots of rising sun motifs. Girls are out in force on the bikes too and there's a whole fashion scene going along with it. Makes me want to create a bosozuku style bike back at home but not sure I would have the balls to ride it out and about!

Apologies for the slightly ropey snaps. I cannot find any web links for the magazine but if you see it, buy it, if just for the pictures...

Magazine cover.

Foxy lady on 80s Suzuki!

It's not all chick pics, just the larger ones that are easier to
copy. School girl outfit doesn't quite reach any safety
standards for motorcycling kit!

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