Friday, January 25, 2013

Unidentified twenties combo

No idea what is going on in this picture, what the bike is or where it was taken. The guy standing in the middle of the street is quite interested in the proceedings, or is he in fact the subject of the photo into which some inconsiderate sidecarist has barged? The bicycle mounted rubber-necker  is also keen to be in frame. Probably not a lot happened on this street. Cameras must have been fairly old hat by then although probably not mass market products and the outfit, though glamourous looking, can't have been entirely alien to them.

As for the rig itself, there is not enough detail for me to work out what it is apart from to say that it is early to mid-twenties. The aluminium wheel trim disks are a nice touch, popular in their day but hardly seen in today's world of catalogue perfect restorations.

Unidentified twenties outfit.

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