Monday, January 7, 2013

The Scoo-ped 'tempts' teenagers...

Not my normal thing to blog a copy of a magazine article but this snippet from Scooter World February 1959 is a gem.

When you consider that this awful bicycle encased in a fibre glass body apparently modelled on a childrens' fairground ride was up against the mighty NSU Quickly and Mobylette then it is small wonder the British two-wheeler industry hit the doldrums. The 49cc Trojan motor was hardly a power house when used as a cyclemotor attachment but when hindered by several pounds of fibreglass encumbrance it would have truly met its match when put up against the skin of a rice pudding.. When a manufacturer promotes the lack of gears as 'What isn't there can't go wrong' then something truly is wrong.

I'd never heard of the Scoo-ped before seeing this and there's no mention on the web anywhere else so it is to be imagined that buyers didn't turn up in droves and very few were produced. Perhaps this happy family out on a promotional assignment are representing the complete production run.

Happy model family out on a Scoo-ped outing. Click to enlarge.

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