Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sturminster Newton New Years Day run

New Years Day morning was greeted by an unfamiliar yellow disc in the sky giving out light and warmth. A good few weeks since it had last made it presence felt. Going from not particularly looking forward to the inaugural ride of the year imagining it would be a damp plod through sodden misery all suddenly looked rosy in the world.

Round these parts the traditional thing to do for retro petrolheads is the New Years gathering at Sturminster Newton in aid of the Air Ambulance. There's always a heartening number of folks willing to bring out precious, delicate and exotic machines in the middle of winter.

The bike run follows a different route from the four wheelers and ends up at a different pub but the start point is the same. Bikes set out first but I was keen to see the cars go off so made a delayed start.

Detail from a wonderfully paint-free Model T pick up. Check out
the blue sky!

Another detail from the Model T.

And here's another detail. Brilliantly matured and preserved.

Noticing a theme here? A penchant for the not quite terminally
rusty. The is the rear flank from a late twenties Overland tourer.

Here's self same Overland's front quarter.

Late twenties cammy Velo enjoying the sun.

Triumphs from the late twenties and later thirties.

Great detail period kit in the back of a twenties Renault Torpedo
pick up.

Despite the rain letting off in the past couple of days, floods still
very much apparent in lower lying areas.

Nicely used pre-war HRD Meteor out and about.

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