Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Ariel Sloper

An unusual image and an unusual bike. From the surroundings and the bright sunlight this is fairly evidently not 1930s Britain, I believe the 'WBM' prefix number plate is from West Bengal.

And the bike? Obviously an Ariel, I believe an LB or MB either a 250 or 350 side-valve and most probably from 1931 or 32. Very rare bikes now, I've never seen one in the flesh. The first Ariel 'sloper' models had very radically canted forward engines before they move to a shallower angle as on this machine before up-righting the engines once more.

Ariel side-valve in 'British India'.

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  1. Not Britain, but someplace where else they ride on the left, as the very rectangular rear-view mirror is on the right side bars. Possibly the ugliest rear view mirror ever, it clashes with the rounded surfaces of the motorcycle. A well heeled gentleman not really dressed for riding. Those nice shoes haven't been used for shifting and white pants wouldn't stay clean for long around a British motorcycle.