Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sammy Miller Museum Extension Part 3

 Here's the final batch of photos taken last Autumn at Sammy Miller's. Another eclectic mix....

1967 Munch Mammoth 1177cc

The Mammoth in all its glory.

1949 Triumph Speed Twin, made by the 
factory for the 1950 Earls Court Show.

The cutaway Triumph is a piece of art in its own right.

The cutaway Triumph is a great resource for restorers
too. Note the position of the factory-fitted Vokes air
filter between the oil tank and battery.

1920 Hawker 292cc two stroke. An ungainly looking
machine. The wheel size seems a bit small, I wonder
if they are correct? The Hawker engine carried it's
oil in a sump under the motor.

1923 Hawker 550cc Blackburne engine. The Hawker
bike brand is the same as the better known aeroplanes.

1911 Humber 2 3/4hp lightweight TT model.

1937 Douglas CL38 150cc. Made for the 1937
Motorcycle Show but not put in to production.

1905 Ariel Model 2 owned by Don Rickman. 2hp
Minerva engine. The oldest known Ariel.

1916 Ariel 500 sv with White and Poppe motor.

1949 Cucciolo. The first Ducati.

Plenty of Japanese classics in the new hall.

1968 Bridgestone 175cc.

1953 Hoffmann 250cc ohv opposed twin. Chain
driven gearbox, shaft drive.
Maico Typhoon 350cc two stroke twin.
1938 Zundapp K800 800cc flat four.

Full view of the freshly restored Zundapp.

IFA two stroke flat twin. A lovely and interesting
machine from the MZ factory.

1963 Honda CR110 DOHC 50cc production racer.
Top speed 95mph from 8.5hp.

Moto Villa square four two stoke 1969. 250cc. 

Full view of the Moto Villa square four.

1952 EMC 125cc production racer.

Mondial 125cc DOHC works racer.
ex Maurice Cann.

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