Friday, February 5, 2021

Racecourse Garage Doncaster London Edinburgh Trial

I wonder if anyone out there can recognise the location? Doncaster is a fair bet given that The Earl Doncaster Arms is next door offering 'Hotel, Motor Garage, Cyclists Retreat, Good Stabling and Loose Boxes'. There is an Earl of Doncaster Hotel still extant but it looks nothing like the building in the picture. Could just be though that it is just an advert on the side of a house... Also, of course, Doncaster does have a racecourse so it figures that Racecourse Garage next to The Earl Doncaster might be in Doncaster!

It looks rather like an event is taking place, the Motor Cycling Club's London Edinburgh trial went through Doncaster so that is a fair bet as to what is happening.

Taking a close look at the bikes round about 1912 is a good guess for the year and marques to be seen include Douglas, Rex, CCR and Triumph.

Interesting to note that the most prominent service of the garage is tyre repairs.

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