Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sammy Miller Museum Extension Part 1

During last summer and autumn's respite from Covid-19 I managed to make a couple of trips along to Sammy Miller's museum to see the extension which was opened Spring last year. Plenty more space and plenty more bikes to cast an eye over. Rather than fill the extension with new previously un-displayed bikes there has been a general shuffle around so I wasn't totally sure which exhibits were new and which not. Not to matter, here's a random selection of machinery that caught my eye....

1909 FN four

The heart of the 1909 FN's matter.

1929 Dunelt 250cc ohc face cam

1914 Rudge Multi TT Model ioe 500cc

Cyclotracteur engine on a 1925 Humber cycle

Cyclotracteur from another angle.

1907 Motosacoche

1922 Gnome-Rhone

OK Supreme 1933 250cc ohc 'Lighthouse'

The OK Supreme was nicknamed 'The
Lighthouse due to the sight glass to the
cam. Eat your heart out Ducati!

1926 Pacer 1100cc MAG engine. Marque unknown

1932 Royal Enfield Cycar Z2 148cc

1923 Cykelaid

Cykleaid detail. The motor is a Villiers.

1920 ABC Skootamota

Stafford Mobile Pup

1921 Kenilworth scooter

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