Tuesday, September 18, 2018

BMW brochure 1964

The BMW motorcycle range brochure for 1964. Despite being 54 years old this brochure still looks fresh to modern eyes, the font used is clean and modern looking and the graphic style with simple colour panels helps too.

1964 BMW brochure front cover.

1964 BMW brochure page 1.

1964 BMW brochure page 2.

1964 BMW brochure page 3.

1964 BMW brochure page 4.

1964 BMW brochure rear cover.


  1. The brochure says that a sidecar may be attached to any BMW twin-cylinder machine, but it also calls the single-cylinder 250 a "perfect sidecar motorcycle." Perhaps this meant that BMW itself did not market a sidecar for it but you were welcome to attach your own?

    1. BMWs were long time an ideal sidecar machine due to their earls forks which were adjustable for trail between solo and sidecar setting. The classic chair to put next to a BMW was always a Steib but to be honest I don't know if there was ever an official tie in. As Ken says though the 250 was generally only ever known for measly performance and vibration, though it is a cracking looking bike...

  2. The 250 BMW was renowned for not being able to pull the skin off a rice pudding; a sidecar would be viable only in Holland or a flat country where you did not want to go very fast.Never popular in the UK, and very expensive.