Wednesday, September 12, 2018

1911 Raleigh Superbe X Frame

Some photos for posterity of a rather nice Raleigh x frame ladies machine that came my way recently. I bought it at auction in a moment of weakness before the dawning hit me that I really don't have the need for another Ladies bicycle, so it was passed on to a well known cycle dealer fairly quickly and has now no doubt been mildly renovated and probably is with a new keeper too...

All the same I thought I would put some pictures up as it is such a lovely original and un-molested thing. Ladies cross frame Raleighs are significantly rarer than the gents ones and this one doubly so as it is the 'Superbe' Model produced for a very short period. The Superbe model is identifiable by the Lea Francis type handlebars with concealed rollers.

1911 Raleigh x-frame Superbe in all her glory. At the time
the x-frame Superbe was the most expensive bicycle on the
UK market.

Lovely original transfer on the tin chaincase.

Slightly eccentric but likely original positioning of the Sturmey
gear cable rollers. Note also the original coated cable.

Close up on the Lea Francis type handlebars.

Another side on view.

Beautifully tooled leather ladies saddle.

Original down tube transfer and steering lock.

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