Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weymouth Week 2013

A few pictures of machines that caught my eye from the VMCC Dorset Section's Weymouth Week 2013. The big run of the week, The Weymouth Run, on the opening Sunday was blighted by damp conditions though the rain was never hard enough to lessen enjoyment of the day and close on 200 bikes rode. With a lot of miles to cover over the week the majority of the bikes entered fell into the practical classics category, BMWs, British parallel twins and heavyweight singles, a smattering of Japanese classics and very few pre-war bikes. Noteworthy exceptions were an intrepid couple two up on a D1 Bantam, A Guzzi Zigolo and a Galleto.

Scott two-speeder parked up in Milton Abbas.

Lovely original Triumph TR5 Trophy explored parking
opportunities on the verge.

Tidy and well-used Moto Guzzi Galleto.

Detail on a late Velo MAC. Very rare to see those petrol
tank trims.

Detail on a nicely aged pre-war Velo MAC.

Nicely turned-out DBD34 Gold Star scrambler fitted with what
looks like a Norton 500T front wheel.

This was a favourite. A Condor A580 Swiss army machine.
Unusual high level exhausts and dual high / low ratio gearbox.

Moto Guzzi Zigolo.

Honda CB160 street scrambler.

Detail on an early post-war Norton 16H showing an admirable

Rare Royal Enfield Model L 570cc sv.

Lovely unrestored veteran Triumph.

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