Wednesday, May 15, 2013

VSCC Wiscombe Park May 2013

A fine day out amongst the company of the VSCC crowd at the Wiscombe Park Speed Hill Climb. As usual a lot of exotic machinery being used as it was intended to be. As is reputed to often be the case at Wiscombe it rained though not enough to detract from the day too much. But how wonderful it would have been in the sun... Still, the grounds don't get to be so lusciously green without a regular watering.

Brooklands Monoposto Riley on the first corner.

GN Gnat slides off the start line in the wet.

Apologies about the poor picture but what a machine! Salome,
a period modified Morgan with GN rear axle. It's been racing
and developed pretty much since built and is now reputed
to produce 200bhp!

Mrs Jo-Jo Austin 7 special.

To compare and contrast with the Gnat, here's the
GN 'Grannie' special doing nearly the same thing.

Much photographed, the mighty Napier Bentley. 24 litre Napier
Sealion W12 engine. Not really suited to the tight course but a
fine spectacle.

And now for something completely different. Absolutely loved
this Rudge. Beautiful condition, nicely mellowed and all
original. Wish I knew the model, very unusual with the drop
bars and rod brakes, though I've seen a couple of other makes with
this set up. Hercules did something very similar and BSA did
a drop and rods machine but with conventionally positioned

Detail of the unusual brake levers on the
Rudge cycle I coveted...

Another detail on the Rudge. Condition just right!

And finally.. a Morgan sprints up the hill.

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