Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Ariel Tricycle and Quadricycle 1898

This brochure / manual is a copy of a copy but is rare enough that it warrants reproducing here.

The leaflet is labelled as 1898 and I believe that Ariel Tricycles and Quadricycles were current from 1898 to 1902. 


  1. The quadricycle is an attachment, front passenger seat and all, to the tricycle. If you buy it as a quadricycle you get an extra front wheel so it may be converted to a tricycle (in about half an hour is the claim). Very clever, maybe too clever, as prospective buyers were probably willing to make the choice between three and four wheels permanently at the time of purchase. So, no real sales advantage. Labelling important aspects of making the machine run used up the entire alphabet, A-to-Z. Hard to believe the rider/driver had time to steer with so many controls to adjust to perfection or risk ruin.

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